Reasons to Go South for the Winter

As the winter months approach and many places become increasingly colder, you may be considering heading south for the winter! At the Diplomat Beach Resort in Longboat Key, Florida, we have beautiful and individual units that you can rent out to get away from the cold, no matter how long you want to stay! Keep reading to learn more about why you should consider going south for the winter and contact us today to learn about our availability.

A woman relaxing by a pool

Warmer Weather

One of the biggest reasons why people head south for the winter is in hunt of warmer weather. While you may enjoy the cold weather for a short period of time or for the holidays, a full season of cold weather is not always ideal, however, with us, you can get away to warmer beach filled days!

A young family at the beach

Ability to Do More Things Outside

If you enjoy spending your time outside but find that it is too cold to do that in the winter, head on south! Down at The Diplomat Beach Resort, you can fund unlimited things to do outside! Whether you want to spend your days relaxing at the beach, or you want to enjoy all the fun attractions that the towns nearby have to offer, you will never get bored here in the winter.

Two girls enjoying a drink while walking around

Less Crowds

One great reason to head south for the winter is because you will find less crowds! Many people head south when they have time to in the summer, causing places to be busy. However, during the winter, you can experience all of the great things that we have to offer without having to share it with large crowds.

Surfboard at the beach

The Diplomat Beach Resort

Lastly, another great reason to head south during the winter is to stay at the Diplomat Beach Resort. At the Diplomat Beach Resort, all of our units face the water, so you can experience breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. We also provide a variety of different unit options so that you can find one that fits your needs the most. Not only do we have beautiful beaches, but we are also located near some world class attractions. With us, you can find something for everyone.

Thinking about heading south for the winter? Do so with the Diplomat Beach Resort! At the Diplomat Beach Resort, you can experience a warm winter like never before. With us, you don’t have to give up the sunshine! Make this winter your dream warm winter and contact us today to learn more about our upcoming availability.