Diplomat Beach Resort Covid-19 policies and procedures

Please be aware that due to our property not being staffed 24/7, this means common areas such as chairs, tiki tables and picnic tables may not be sanitized after use. If this is a concern of yours, we would suggest limiting use of common/over lapping areas. Please see information below for how we can help you. We appreciate your help and understanding.

Front office

  • Hours: Monday – Saturday from 9am to 5pm and Sunday from 9am to 1pm.


  • Please follow all posted pool rules. See pool rules sign post in pool area.
  • Be respectful of other guests and limit the time you spend in the pool/pool area.
  • Floats are not allowed in the pool.
  • Any guest or guests in the pool after dark can be asked to leave the property without refund.


Social distancing

  • Use social distancing guidelines while in common areas around the property.
  • Keep 6ft between groups/others while on the beach or property.

Outside unit chairs, Loungers and Picnic tables/tiki huts

  • Please only use the chairs and table assigned to your unit that sit outside your back door (two chairs and one table per unit.)
  • Loungers and chairs under the tiki huts are on a first come first serve basis.

Cleaning procedures

  • We continue to maintain our high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, while adding additional sanitation practices throughout the property.
  • Cleaning products we use include but are not limited to Ecolab products, bleach, and hospital grade disinfectant.

If you have any additional questions as to how things are different around our property or any current procedures, please feel free to call our office at 941-383-3791.

**These policies are subject to change without notice.